Located 30 km from Brussels, in the heart of Walloon Brabant Province, the UCLouvain site in Louvain-la-Neuve welcomes more than 20,000 students in its 11 faculties.


The city, created in 1971 by the university, is one of Europe’s youngest. Surrounded by countryside, it offers an exceptional quality of life to students, researchers, professors and residents. Museums, cinemas, theatres, concert and exhibition halls, a swimming pool and fitness centre, restaurants and cafés, commerce and green spaces all combine to form a whole that is renowned for its convivial and dynamic ambiance.

Its entirely pedestrianised centre eases access to all academic buildings and creates an environment in which students, researchers, professors and residents repeatedly cross each other’s paths, weaving a unique social, cultural and economic fabric.



UCLouvain, an international university engaged in society: a multitude of services, job opportunities and alumni privileges. UCLouvain wants to enable anyone who desires an education to pursue one of the highest possible quality. Whether fresh out of secondary school or in mid-career, students can acquire skills and expertise conducive to their personal and professional development. Course quality is ensured by closely tying innovation in teaching to developing programmes and maintaining their cutting edge.

Studies and research carried out at the Faculty of Economic, Social and Political sciences and communication (ESPO) focus on man in society: the way he interacts with and relates to others. This is why it is the home of study programs in economic science, management, political science, anthropology, communication, human and social sciences, work sciences, demography and development. The School of Political and Social Sciences manages the UCLouvain MPA.

Master in Public Administration (MPA)

Master in Public Administration (MPA)

The Master in Public Administration provides courses around four aims:

  • the analysis of the actors’ interactions and multiple issues at stake in the design and management of public policies;

  • the acquisition of methods and tools with a view to improve effectiveness and efficiency in public management;

  • the modernisation and evaluation of change in public organisations;

  • the development of autonomous and critical research work.

 Within the programme, students choose out of four blocks of option courses (20 ECTS):

  • Management and policy work

  • Overheidsmanagement en –beleid (in Dutch)

  • European management and policies

  • Public policies and sustainability

Each block groups together the UCLouvain specialists from multiple disciplines in order to transfer the state-of-the-art of each field to the students. The courses are partly taught in English, but mainly in French.

In terms of professional training, the master prepares students to various executive positions in public organisations at the European, national and local levels and in related private organisations (e.g. political parties, trade unions, interest groups and consultants).


  • UCL hosts 1 to 2 students per year from each partner university. Incoming students are hosted during the 1st and 2nd semester, outgoing students go abroad in the 1st semester of their second year.

  • The academic calendar is the following:

    • 15 September to 20 December: Autumn semester (with exams in January)

    • 1 February to 15 May: Winter semester (with exams in June and second session in September)

    • MPA courses are spread along these two semesters

  • A proficiency in English is a minimal condition and also in French is students attend courses in French.

  • Practical information for incoming students can be seen here and and for outgoing students can be seen here.

  • Students can choose courses offered in the master of public administration, but also from a wide range of graduate courses provided in the Faculty of economics and social sciences.


Contact person:
Ms. Chantal Herman
secretariat-psad@uclouvain.be or chantal.herman@uclouvain.be


École des Sciences Politiques et Sociales - Louvain School of Political and Social Sciences
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