Exchange student 1994-1995 from Leuven to Rotterdam

Dated back in 1994, I experienced the participation in EMPA. After all these years I still remember the vigorous way of doing Public Administration science in a European context within a multinational, multilingual environment. The foundations for an enlarged vision of what Public Administration could offer not only to dedicated scholars and students but also for practitioners, were laid in K.U Leuven followed in Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. The academic discourses that started there still continue to date, with colleagues in the field.
My teachers –through a well designed and taught programme - offered a wide and in depth perspective other than the bureaucratic model, discussing issues of the today agenda, proving the innovative character of the programme.
The EMPA Network, for those keen on Public Management and Public Policy, is a unique choice to enrich their knowledge and experience in the field.

Leuven, a city full of vividness and tranquility simultaneously, is a unique place to spend for studying and living.

Public Administration is a science and an art. EMPA can serve both.

Best regards

Manolis Tzouvelekas
— Exchange student 1994-1995 from Leuven to Rotterdam