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Tallinn, perhaps the best-preserved Hanseatic town of all (a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site), a harbor, sailing, and beach capital – the site of the 1980 Summer Olympics in water-sports –, is as dynamic and exciting as a city of half a million can be. Newsweek called Tallinn one of the top "funky towns" of the world. It is also the regional cultural capital, with many excellent concerts, art and design exhibitions, and theater productions, and today, it is well-known as one of the global destinations of digital tourists, nomads, and startups.

Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) is one of the leading technical universities, and one of the best, most patent-producing schools, in the region. TalTech – one of the schools fondly called "the MIT of the North" – gives our program a serious and solid base. A fully accredited public university, founded in 1918. It has a large, diverse, and integrated student body and many student facilities, as well as modern student housing. In fact, TalTech is the most international university in Estonia (35% of all international degree students studying in Estonia do so at TalTech).

TalTech is known as the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology education, where synergy between different fields – technology, natural, exact, social and health sciences – is created and new ideas are born. With a strong emphasis on internationalization, TalTech has a multicultural student body (there are 1600 international students from around 90 countries) and many international professors (17% foreign staff members). There are over 30 accredited international degree programmes (4 Bachelor programmes, 17 Master programmes and 9 PhD programmes) that are available fully in English.

TalTech is the only campus-type university in the Baltic countries and one of the most compact university campuses in Europe. The territory of TalTech includes 55 buildings and has a total area of 55.5 hectares. TalTech’s campus is also the home of the Estonian Information Technology College, around 150 high-tech companies, including Skype, and the incubation and acceleration center Mektory.

Public Administration at Tallinn University of Technology

The Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance (RND) at Tallinn University of Technology is the only higher education research center in Estonia that teaches public administration (PA) at all levels (BA, MA and PhD). It is one of the most international academic units in the Baltics, offering both classical and cutting-edge teaching in method and contents, as well as emphasizing the department’s own recent research and practice. Almost all graduate level courses are taught in English, including all for the PhD.


RND has two MA programmes:

-   Public Administration and Innovation (public sector innovation; collaborative governance and leadership of social and technological innovation; public sector management and reform (incl. personnel, strategic and financial management); global public administration and governance; policy analysis and evaluation);

- Technology Governance and Digital Transformation (innovation policies and strategies; economic development and financial policies; e-government and e-governance).

List of courses

Autumn Semester (Last week of August - mid-January)

·      Entrepreneurship and Technology Management (6 ECTS), web-site

·      E-Governance and E-Democracy (6 ECTS), web-site

·      Technology, Society and the Future (6 ECTS), web-site

·      Techno-Economic Paradigms and Technological Transitions (6 ECTS), web-site

·      Economics and Finance of Innovation and Development (6 ECTS), web-site

·      Critical Thinking, Ethics and Scientific Literacy (6 ECTS), web-site


Spring Semester (Last week of January - mid-June)

·      Creating Innovation Capacities in Government (6 ECTS), web-site

·      Digital Transformations of Government (6 ECTS), web-site

·      Big Data and Public Policy (6 ECTS), web-site

·      Implementing Governance in a Diverse Globalized World (6 ECTS), web-site

Learn more about RND and its activities on FB: https://www.facebook.com/ragnarnurkseschool/

Living in Tallinn

As a student in Estonia you can take advantage of various discounts and special offers generated especially for people who are full time students. Moreover, if interested, there is a possibility for international students to combine their studies with a part or full time job and also provide for living during your studies. The cost of living in Estonia, compared to the rest of the EU, is affordable. The average monthly living expenses for international students, including accommodation, transport, food and other expenses would be between €500-700 per month.

More information about living in Estonia for foreign students: http://www.studyinestonia.ee/living-costs


On-campus accommodation includes Academic Hostel with affordable prices for extended stays, either in single or twin rooms.

For off-campus accommodation, there are various options including the following [1]:

 Real estate search portals:


Accommodation for students via Facebook:

Accommodation for international students in Tallinn
Erasmus in Tallinn /accommodation
Tallinn Renting Flat & Accommodation

Hostels for long term stay:

Academic Hostel
G4S Hostel
Hostel Euphoria
Hostel Tallinn
Tallinn Backpacers
Feel Good Hostel
16 eur hostels
Welcome hostel

[1] Source: https://www.ttu.ee/organizations/campus/off-campus-accommodation/


  • The Tallinn programme can host about 10 students per year from our partner universities. Incoming students are welcome in the first and second semester. Outgoing students can go on an exchange in the first and second semester as well.

  • The fall semester runs from the last week of August until mid-January.
    The spring semester runs from the last week of January until mid-June.

  • More information about studying at TalTech as an exchange student can be found here.


Contact persons
Margit Kirs, PhD
Research Fellow / Public Administration and Innovation Programme Director


Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance
3 Akadeemia tee
Tallinn, 12618