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The Institute of Public Administration is part of Leiden University. The institute is located in The Hague, combining the best of two worlds: the knowledge and the facilities of Leiden University and the proximity of the political, cultural and economic heart of the Netherlands as The Hague is the seat of the Dutch government and parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Council of State.

Leiden University was founded in 1575 and is the oldest university in the Netherlands. Over 17,000 students, of whom about one tenth come from abroad, and 4,000 university staff members make Leiden a very lively and entertaining place and a true student town. Leiden is a beautiful historic municipality with many 17th century houses;  the city centre is crisscrossed with boat-lined canals, which are bordered by red brick roads. In short, Leiden is a small and friendly town, but with all the conveniences of a large city.

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The Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs lies at a mere fifteen minutes distance from Leiden. Although, The Hague is bigger than Leiden it is becoming more student friendly with the introduction of our new campus in 2012 as well as Leiden University College (established in 2010). The city has some small streets in the town centre that may be dated from the late Middle Ages and several spacious streets boasting large and luxurious 18th-century residences. Studying in the political, cultural and economic heart of the Netherlands brings several advantages: lectures from practitioners to internships.

The Institute of Public Administration

The Institute of Public Administration focuses on classic or core themes of study. These include the functioning of various political-administrative systems locally, nationally, and internationally, the relationship between politics and administration, the organisation of the civil service, issues of ethics, and policy analysis. Special emphasis is placed on the importance of institutions for the functioning and reform of political-administrative processes.

The MSc Public Administration offers 3 specialisations:
1. International and European Governance (IEG)
2. Public Management: Between Politics and Policy (PM)
3. Economics and Governance (EG)

The institute offers an intellectually exciting learning environment with high academic standards. The focus is not just on knowledge transfer but also on debate and critical thinking, whereby the students’ ability to think independently is greatly stimulated. The ratio of academic staff members to students is about 1 to 8. Therefore, students enjoy many contact hours with teaching staff, as well as lots of chances to attend classes given by professors. Leiden University also provides all the facilities that a modern student requires: from modern ICT and computer facilities, study areas and libraries, cafeterias and various support services. Together, these factors result in academic excellence!

Incoming students who have a good command of the Dutch language can also join the courses of our Dutch-taught MSc in Management van de Publieke Sector.

The MSc Program Public Administration is a one-year programme (60 ECTS). Courses are offered during two semesters: September-January and February-June. All courses are taught in English. Incoming students are welcome in semester one or two. Outgoing students have to contact the study advisors to discuss their studyplan and the best time to go abroad.

An overview of the courses can be found in our e-Prospectus:
Public Administration
Management van de Publieke Sector

Contact persons
Prof. dr. Frits van der Meer
Endowed professor

Ms. Sofie Delpeut MA
Study advisor


The Institute of Public Administration [Instituut Bestuurskunde]
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP Den Haag
The Netherlands