Frank Delmartino Thesis Prize 2017

The EMPA consortium annually awards the Frank Delmartino Thesis Prize. The prize is awarded to the best thesis written by a student who went on an EMPA exchange. The winner of the Frank Delmartino Thesis Prize receives a sum of 500 euros and is invited to attend the upcoming EMPA meeting as to present the results of his/her thesis research.

Two winners were chosen for the 2016/17 academic year: Kilian De Saeger from KU Leuven, who went on an EMPA exchange to Sciences Po Paris, and Nora Wagner from Speyer University, who went on an EMPA exchange to Tallinn University of Technology.   

We congratulate them on their unique dissertation and wish them the best of luck in their further endeavours.

EMPA Meeting 2017

In January 2018, the annual EMPA meeting was held at the University of Ljubljana. Intensifying the relations between existing EMPA-partners by realising a growing teacher and student mobility is one of the goals stated. Additionally, the consortium is looking into opportunities to extend the network to different parts of Europe.  

EMPA Presidency 2016-2017

During the presidency of the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer we would like to foster and deepen the relations between the EMPA partners. We would like to develop instruments for a better recognition of academic achievements and common basic modules. Another important topic should be a more intensive teaching and research exchange. Finally we will also consider to take substantial steps to promote the network with a broader dimension in other parts of Europe (i.e. the Scandinavian and Southern European countries).

  Johannes C. Mayer (Universität Speyer) EMPA Network President 2016-2017

Johannes C. Mayer
(Universität Speyer)
EMPA Network President 2016-2017

  Kirstin Reinke (Universität Speyer) EMPA Network Vice President 2016-2017

Kirstin Reinke
(Universität Speyer)
EMPA Network Vice President 2016-2017

25th Anniversary of EMPA

The European Masters in Public Administration Network celebrates the 25 years that our international partners have committed towards the realisation of an inspirational and multilateral exchange programme for its students and staff. Together we look back at our successful cooperation and look forward to our further rewarding exchanges.

Thursday January 14th 2016, we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the EMPA network with a reception with keynote speakers and a dinner. The keynote speakers are: Theo Toonen (University of Twente) & Stefaan De Rynck (European Commission).