Welcome on the webpage of the EMPA Network!

“In the 25 years of its existence, the European Masters in Public Administration Network has developed an original and multilateral exchange programme for students and scholars based on the principles of interconnectedness and mutualisation of knowledge and experience. It groups together the leading European universities in the areas of comparative public administration and public policies in a cutting edge programme.

Nowadays, a general training in Public Administration is not enough and you must use your Masters studies to sharpen your profile. EMPA provides you with a unique opportunity to specialize in the area of expertise of the host university during a semester. An experience abroad is invaluable when it not only allows you to encounter different educational systems and styles but brings you specific assets.

Participating in EMPA is a unique experience to explore multiple ways to address the challenges of an evolutionary public administration and get the recognition of a prestigious university. Finally, you will become part of a wider EMPA community of alumni, connected to academics, students and friends across the world and participate in our effort to bring the European civil servants together!”
— Prof.dr. Frits M. van der Meer (Leiden University)